abstractCommissioning an Abstract or Mixed Media Painting

The process for this is very similar to that of commissioning a portrait, with the exception of the need for personal photographs. You need to decide on the size of the canvas you require depending on the size of the wall space it is to fill. I can obtain many different sizes of canvas from quite small (ie. 10” x 8”) which are usually used in a group formation, to much larger ones that make a bigger impact and would easily fill a large wall space. I would need some idea of the colour scheme that you would like, perhaps something to match your existing decor. The medium I use varies and is dependent on what type of painting you require, for instance, if you were interested in something with texture then I would perhaps use modelling paste or large grain gels to form raised areas on the painting. If you have any particular style in mind then please let me know or if you would prefer me to interpret your ideas myself using my own imagination, then that would be fine.  The mixed media is also similar but with the addition of needing to know what or where you would like me to create.  These pieces are purley one off artworks as the collage will never be the same and I have to use whatever I can get my hands on at the time.  Like most of my works they are completely unique.

If you see a painting that you like but it has already been sold or perhaps you would prefer it to be on a larger scale, then I could create something similar for you. However, each painting I do is unique and I would not be able to do an exact copy, but it would be similar in texture and colour.

I am unable to give definite prices for abstract pieces as each one is so different. I usually work out the price taking into consideration the canvas size, the amount of medium I will use and the time it will take for me to complete the artwork. Once I have done all of this then I will be able to give you a price. Once again you can contact me via the website or call me directly on 01746 710997 to discuss your requirements.

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